Work breakdown structure updating 50 laptops

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Work breakdown structure updating 50 laptops

We will accept diversity data which has already been collected for this year’s report using the old questionnaire. All regulated firms have to collect, report and publish data about the diversity make-up of their workforce.If you work as an in-house solicitor or for a non-regulated organisation, this does not apply to you.This programme of research is being funded by Cedefop.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.You can view the diversity data you submitted in 2015 until we start collecting the new data.We have issued an updated diversity questionnaire and will announce the date for firms to report to us as soon as we can.Classic Seminars has been teaching project management software since 1998.We have served government clients, Eskom, Murray and Roberts, Group 5 to name but a handful of the more than 2000 clients served over the last 17 years.

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We are rescheduling the firm diversity data collection from May 2017 until later in the year.

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