U thhe dating of phosphates apatite monazite and xenotime rules for women and online dating

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U thhe dating of phosphates apatite monazite and xenotime

A large body of major element data exists demonstrating sufficient homogeneity (1 to 5% RSD) at the 10 µm level.The Durango apatite might therefore have considerable potential as a suitable standard for trace element microanalysis of phosphates.Back-scatter electron images and X-ray maps of monazite reveal distinct core, intermediate and rim compositional domains.Monazite–xenotime thermometry from the intermediate and rim domains yields temperatures of 405–470°C (±50°C) and 500–520°C (±50°C), respectively, consistent with the prograde to peak metamorphic growth of monazite.Kyanite and fibrolite are strongly deformed; some prismatic sillimanite, and all andalusite are relatively undeformed.Monazite occurs as inclusions within kyanite, mats of sillimanite and centimetre-scale porphyroblasts of andalusite, and is typically aligned subparallel to the dominant regional foliation (S).They propose that regional amphibolite to near-granulite facies metamorphism and north-vergent folding and thrusting was related to the Mazatzal Orogeny (∼1650 Ma).

Because these minerals tend, to varying degrees, to partition U and Th into their structures they can often contain the majority of those elements in a rock.

We will present the results of a detailed geochemical study that investigated the trace element homogeneity of a euhedral, highly transparent, and inclusion-free Durango apatite crystal.

After crushing, an aliquot of this crystal has been analysed for the bulk trace element content by solution ICP-MS.

These three phases, again to varying degrees, tend not to incorporate significant amounts of Pb during crystallization and thus were early candidates for utilization as U-Th-Pb geochronometers.

The ideal U-Th-Pb geochronometer would be a phase that is stable over all possible environmental conditions and is quantitatively retentive of parent and daughter isotopes.

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However, the limit of zircon as an ideal chronometer lies only in its limited resistance to auto-irradiation damage that can render it metamict.

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