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Who is bethany frankel dating

There are a lot of members of our cast that are divorced, and people have had their issues, and I don’t know that I would get married again.” Bethenny Frankel is not only divorced, but her most recent relationship dramas have also been a very ugly divorce and lengthy custody battle. Her first marriage to one of her dearest friends Peter Sussman in 1996 lasted only eight months, and ended due to “lack of passion” reports Bethenny Frankel married Jason Hoppy in 2010, and the pair split in 2012.

A four-year-long custody battle over their daughter Bryn Hoppy then ensued, only resolving in a settlement last year.

She even flashed a diamond ring on social media feeding speculation that an engagement was in the works. I don’t know that I’ve ever really, really known how to date and be single like this.

But in interviews within the past week, Bethenny has made statements about her relationship status that suggest there is no engagement in the works, and maybe there never will be. I’m not stopping the car unless there’s something really great to get out for.” In a new interview with , Bethenny affirmed that dating is not her priority right now and another marriage is not likely.

I’m going to destroy you,” the “Bethenny Ever After” star quoted Jason Hoppy as telling her after their reality show marriage fell apart after just two years. I’m going to ruin you,” the pharmaceutical salesman said.Bethenny’s “Ever After” was anything but a fairy tale.A tearful Bethenny Frankel testified Wednesday that her husband made fun of her age, called her “disgusting” and vowed to “ruin” her when he found out she wanted a divorce — and that was only the beginning.For that she likes her life right now, and she’s “not in a serious relationship.” She also joked that she was giving up sex for lent, but wasn’t sure if she would make it, quipping, “I’m on a good run, but I don’t plan on making it.” After having gone solo for Valentine’s Day of this year, Bethenny Frankel had many fans wondering about her relationship status.She had long been associated to have a quiet relationship with banker Dennis Shields.

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By 2012, her W2 forms listed her gross annual wages as totaling $4,011,726, and she had checking and savings accounts in her sole name containing $282,207.03.

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