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Updating data with linq

You use the Twitter Context instance, twitter Ctx, to access IQueryable tweet categories.

In the example above, the Search will give you the ability to search Twitter for tweets meeting some criteria.

Each query category has a Type property for the type of tweets you want to get back.

For example, Status tweets can be made for Home, Mentions, or User timelines. Another example would be Status queries which might have Status Type. In the case of Search queries, Search is the only option, but the Type idiom is consistent accross all query categories.

I've tried it, but for some reason, in my case it duplicates instead of update.

The old record is maintained and a new record is created with the information of the record I suppose to update.

LINQ to Active Directory implements a custom LINQ query provider that allows querying objects in Active Directory. LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query and is one of the core features of Microsoft's . More information can be found via the MSDN website on Update() A former Visual C# MVP, Bart De Smet now works at Microsoft Corporation on the WPF dev team in an SDE role.

Internally, queries are translated into LDAP filters which are sent to the server using the System. This project is meant as a basic sample on implementing custom LINQ query providers. Prior to this new challenge, Bart was active in the Belgian community evangelizing various Microsoft technologies, most of the time focusing on CLR, language innovation and frameworks.

NOTE: LINQ to Twitter is now hosted on Git Hub: Go To: LINQ to Twitter on Git Hub LINQ to Twitter is an open source 3rd party LINQ Provider for the Twitter micro-blogging service.

For Search results, you receive one Search entity that contains information about the Search query and the Search entity contains a Results property that is a collection of Search Result entities.

I would probably pass in the customer log as a parameter to the method and then have it deal with just the database insertion.

It uses standard LINQ syntax for queries and includes method calls for changes via the Twitter API.

Example The following query returns search results where people are tweeting about LINQ to Twitter: From a coding experience perspective, the Twitter Context type is analogous to Data Context (LINQ to SQL) or Object Context (LINQ to Entities).

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Or call your scripts directly from the command-line.

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