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They expose secrets and personal info to try to persuade the date. They are also trying to convince their date why not to go on a second date with their "EX".The only problem with the plan is that the "kidnappers" that the friends have hired are actually a pair of ex-cons with a devious plan all their own.Now, with their friend missing and the police in pursuit, the remaining pals hatch a daring plan to foil the kidnappers ad rescue the captives before their harmless experiment yields deadly results.Even though it may seem anti-social and somewhat counter-intuitive, video games are actually a smart way to get to know your date and have fun at the same time. Well, you might try meeting in a virtual space like Second Life, a site where you can create your own avatar, hang out in virtual lounges, and even fly!

I am a 35-year-old showbusiness columnist and an American who lives in London.

If their date is inside they get an all expense paid second date.

If the "EXes" are inside, they win and receive a day of pampering at the spa, or a night out courtesy of the show.

The more attractive a man is, the less available you ought to be.

Rule of thumb: the office geek - smile, be accessible and send all kinds of positive signals, including broad suggestions about meeting up some time after work. Sometimes it's just about making eye contact and smiling broadly.

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Granted, the movie is somewhat interesting at points, overall it just was not made well.